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Chris is an accomplished and highly motivated executive who draws upon insightful experiences from his successful CJM 2nd Edition Headshotcareer in Corporate America to guide emerging businesses and global brands on the most effective strategies to uncover profit and growth opportunities, create rapid and sustainable results, and minimize the overwhelm factors that challenge many entrepreneurial organizations. He provides powerful business vision through his ability to strategically convert complex business issues into manageable tactical plans.

Chris has been tapping into cutting edge technologies going all the way back to his time in business school, where he was named a Matherly Scholar (the highest honor awarded by the University of Florida MBA Program). He has successfully used these technologies in a variety of roles as senior management with companies ranging in size from less than a million to billion dollar global companies across 28 countries on five continents.

Known for his keen insight in positioning on the leading edge of major business evolutions, Chris has been an early adapter of ecommerce, he strategized and built effective global financial systems, worked with early RFID, wrote one of first social media books on LinkedIn and is now driving business growth through today’s complex digital revolution.