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Praise For This Book!
“One of the lessons I have learned in marketing and selling without being salesy is the importance of providing value and being authentic. Social media is an important tool for connecting with people. LinkedIn particularly is a way to share value and generate leads.

Colleagues have shared with me they don’t see how LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generation tool for entrepreneurs. When I hear this, I think of Chris Muccio and Peggy Murrah and their book, 42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn. They share a unique way to strategize, attract, engage and convert leads on LinkedIn. This is easily one of my top business reads for learning how LinkedIn can transform your business by growing your list, connecting with more high value customers and increasing your sales.”

Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales Conversion
LinkedIn has quickly emerged as a powerful networking tool, and “42 Rules” is a terrific actionable guide to help the savvy professional leverage Linkedln effectively. The Rules provide a strategic framework that enables the user to quickly build their LinkedIn network, and more importantly use that network to drive their LinkedIn “brand” to deliver results, opportunities, and action”
Alex Sevilla, Assistant Dean & Director of MBA Programs; The University of Florida
“’42 Rules to 24 Hour Success on Linkedln’ provides straightforward, common sense advice on how to get the most out of LinkedIn the most popular social networking site for busy professionals. In this compact book, Chris, David, and Peggy show you what to do to leverage the power of social networking on Linkedln. And they do it in an easy to use, enjoyable read. If you want to build a network of likeminded professionals, you need to be on LinkedIn If you’re on LinkedIn you need to read 42 Rules to 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn”
Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, Bestselling author of ‘Straight Talk for Success’
“LinkedIn is the critical social media for business professionals. This book gives you the strategies and tactics to build your LinkedIn profile and to generate real business opportunities. Chris & Peggy give you concise and action oriented approaches to succeed with LinkedIn.”
Jay Berkowitz, Author The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing
“As an Executive providing counseling to hundreds of displaced employees annually I am always looking for new ways to provide job seekers with leading edge tools to help make their searches more effective. This book nails it! It is a user-friendly roadmap for understanding the power of Linkedln and helps move readers successfully along the path of their choosing. I highly recommend this to both clients and businesses!”
David Benningtonr,Vice President-Consulting Services, Right Management
“Amazing! In this timely and cutting-edge book, the authors share their secrets to increasing your ROI on your online networking efforts. They give an abundance of tips and strategies to develop relationships using Linkedln. Learn how to automate and leverage relationships through Social Fusion I strongly recommend this book to anyone that wants to increase their sales results. If you want to build visibility and develop profitable relationships, read this book!”
Rick Cooper, IVBA, The Sales Results Expert
“From a business perspective, social networking is changing every day with new technology, tools and strategies. With so many options at our fingertips, users are challenged simply trying to determine where to begin and how to effectively use these tools. Given this bewildering landscape, the book ’42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn’ ties it all together quite simply and provides excellent practical tips and advice as how to effectively embrace this change.”
J. John Simione, Senior Vice President, MARSH,
“Reading this book will give you a solid foundation for your Linkedln strategy!”
Jason Alba, CEO of and author of ‘l’m on LinkedIn-Now What???’
“What caught my eye first was a statement from the author in the introduction that reads “Interestingly, many businesses miss out on using LinkedIn to generate new business leads, even though it should be an integral part of their sales and marketing process.” The author goes on to teach the reader how to use LinkedIn as a real business tool rather than a social media site. This focus makes “42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn (2nd Edition)” different from every other book on this topic. This book is a real gem and has tons of actionable advice.”
Bonnie Jo Davis
42 Rules for 24 hours success on Linkedin
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