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What can I do with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be a very useful tool to use as an individual and for your business. But first, you have to think of what you want to achieve from utilizing this simple platform. I recommend everyone makes a list of what you actually want to accomplish from the use of LinkedIn. The rest of this article will be going through some of the benefits of LinkedIn for you to consider.

Finding new talent to hire, partner, or contract with. LinkedIn is a great site for hiring people. After all, it is the world’s largest professional network, with 225 million people. If you are hiring, you can post a job and it will be quick and simple to research and then reach out to the right candidate. If you are looking for a job, you can complete an advanced search where you can look for a job based on keywords, industry, functions, locations, salary, and more.

Demonstrate your credibility and experience. Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your expertise. Give yourself a quick, informative and enticing summary, and then list your experience. Go into detail of what you did. You don’t want to cut yourself short because you will only be hurting yourself. Also, list your skills and expertise. As you start expanding your network and connections, people will start endorsing you, which will prove your credibility. If someone does endorse you, make sure to send them a “Thank you!” message so that they know you are grateful, and will continue to do business with you in the future.

Build a virtual rolodex of business partners and people you network with. While using LinkedIn, it is nice and simple to find people to connect with. You can take a trip down memory lane and try to find people from high school, college, and people you are currently in the business world with. Additionally, you can look for people to connect with in your target audience. Make sure you have something in common with that person, and then send a personalized invitation saying that you would love to connect. This leads directly to my next point.

A tool to keep communications flowing. After you connect with someone, you may find it challenging coming up with something to say that keeps the conversation going. LinkedIn can change that. Share articles and stories that you think your connections and target audience will want to read about. If someone is interested in what you are sharing, they can like your post or even comment on it. That opens up a perfect conversation about discussing the story and sharing your thoughts.

Minimize cold calling. No one really enjoys this, but it used to be necessary to have a successful business. Well, not anymore. LinkedIn minimizes the need for cold calling.

All these things are just the beginning. Take a few minutes to add to this list, but make it specific to exactly what you want to do. Make sure you are always working to align your use of LinkedIn with your business strategy.


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