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Your LinkedIn Profile is Who You Are

Everyone knows the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but unfortunately, we all still do. What do you want people to think when they first see your Profile? Thankfully, you can somewhat control that.

Professional Headline. The first thing people see when viewing your Profile is your professional headline. Make effective use of it. Some people just have their professional headline read with their current job position. Try to avoid using that. Make yourself unique and stand out by writing something both creative and something that defines who you are. For example, which one sounds better:

John Doe, 20 year expert facilitating $100,000 in high-tech mergers
John Doe, Owner, Doe & Associates.

The first one would clearly generate more interest.

Summary. Your summary helps people decide if they are going to continue scrolling down on your page or not. As a result, make sure that the first two lines clearly articulate your value. You want to do this for two reasons: (1) it quickly gives the person reading your profile an overview of your value and (2) your summary works outside of LinkedIn too. The first two lines are what Bing uses as your “Bio” within their search. Therefore, you want to make it great so that when someone searches your name on Bing, they will be enticed to click on your profile and learn more about you.

Post items of value. When your connections are scrolling down their homepage, they can potentially see everything you post. Therefore, you want to post items that would be of value to your target audience. When you post an article, you always want to write one or two sentences about it, and then post the link. If you post articles that interest your target audience, then they will be more likely to comment on it, which is an opportunity for a conversation. Lastly, when you post items of value, you are showing off your expertise in a specific area without it looking like you are bragging. An overall win-win.

Add your LinkedIn profile URL everywhere. You can add it to your e-mail signature, your business card, and your other social media sites. The more your LinkedIn profile is out there, the more chances there are for you to generate potential business leads.

Personalize your LinkedIn invitations. Before someone views your complete profile, you have to be connected with them. To start on the right foot, you should always personalize your LinkedIn invitations. It is the first thing that your new connection will see, and you want to start by showing that you are unique. Most people use the generic invitation, and that can result in the person not connecting with you. What if the person doesn’t remember you? You can jog their memory in the personalized invitation. Remember to be short, brief, and to the point because LinkedIn does not give you a lot of characters to play with.

Don’t Lie. When you are completing the rest of your Profile, you may be tempted to lie about what you did at your first job, but don’t. You want to be honest so that people can trust you. Who do people do business with? People they trust.

Those are some of our suggestions. What are yours?


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